Suspected Tension In The Army As Museveni Summons Army Officers Amidst Internal Unsettlement Rumours

Suspected Tension In The Army As Museveni Summons Army Officers Amidst Internal Unsettlement Rumours

By Uganda Online Media

Kampala: President Museveni will continue traversing the country speaking to army officers, meeting them and galvanising the forces amidst unsettlement rumours.

This comes hot on the heels of a rumour that there is a general unsettlement in the army, and that the men in uniform have been put on a rare form of standby class one order, only given during anticipated eventualities.

According to Nilepost, the president is set to meet army chiefs this week, including a group from Internal Security Organisation (ISO) and senior officers in Jinja.

According to Next Media Journalist Canary Mugume, there is a planned meeting for security chiefs in Ntungamo, where President Museveni is holding base following his return by road from Kigali, Rwanda.

“Pres. Museveni is back in the country from Kigali. But sources on his advance team say he will be back in Entebbe on Monday – for cabinet. This means that this meeting of army chiefs might be held outside Kampala. Most probably in Ntungamo. (if all factors remain constant)” Canary Wrote on Twitter.

According to sources inside the UPDF, the president has called for a meeting of security service chiefs scheduled in Ntungamo. The source however does not fully confirm the time of the meeting.

The meeting follows a radio call message from the 2IC Land Forces Commander, issuing an order for all units to maintain standard class alertness in their deployment, literally coded as Standby class 1.

This is the rarest and most serious form of order from above, and it usually signifies a classified operation of higher magnitude.

Lt Gen Muhoozi Tweets

In the face of the recent happenings, the tweets of the commander of Land Forces Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba have not helped.

The man charged with the movement of the forces has been tweeting images of the deceased American President J.F Kennedy, while on one hand revealing there seem to be many things going wrong.

Lt Gen Muhoozi talks of traitors, and people fighting him and his father.

“In the coming battle, let the people of Uganda and Rwanda support me… like I have fought for them. Let us deal with the traitors once and for all!” Lt Gen Muhoozi tweeted.

“Those who try to come between my father and me will learn a very bitter lesson. Where were they when we were refugees? Tutawona wale Mungu anapenda!” he added.

Seasoned journalist Timothy Kalyegira has been weighing in on the matter, claiming that there is unsettlement with the UPDF, caused by the First Son Lt Gen Muhoozi.

“Army fed up with MK’s birthday events and his openly voicing presidential ambitions, against army rules. M7, as a result, orders MK not to attend the Kiruhura birthday rally, but anger in the army remains high. A week later, the army is put on the highest level of alertness,” Kalyegira stated.

“I don’t know if we should worry, but what I can tell you who are reading this is that inside the army, the mood/morale is like what it was in the UNLA around early 1984. Not yet an all-out crisis, but certainly no longer the familiar, calm normal. You can quote me on that,” he added.

Previously, President Museveni traversed the country meeting security chiefs from Elgon, western, Rwenzori, and Eastern and Acholi regions.

Museveni in his tweets indicated he was thanking and motivating the army.

However, this is not the first time President Museveni is visiting army officers. In 2019, the president went on a country-wide tour of barracks starting with Kakiri in Wakiso District.

During the time, Museveni was emphasising ideology.

Source: Nilepost

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