Somali National Army Special Forces Complete Training In Uganda

Somali National Army Special Forces Complete Training in Uganda

A group of Special Forces attached to the Somali National Army (SNA) has completed special training at Uganda’s 206 Commando Brigade Training Centre.

This is the second pass out of Somali forces from Ugandan military training camps, following the previous one, in which President Museveni and his Somali counterpart Hassan Sheikh Mohamud passed out 2,900 Somali National Army trainees at Butiaba.

In the latest ceremony which was presided over by Huda Oleru, the minister of defence in charge of veteran affairs, an unspecified number of soldiers were passed out on Friday at the training centre known as “Camp Rufu” in Kiruhura district, Western Uganda.

In her remarks, the minister congratulated the special group of special forces and noted that the acquired skills are crucial in countering terrorism and executing special tasks geared at pacifying Somalia.

She pointed out that the joint training between Ugandan forces and Somali National Army strengthens bilateral defence and security cooperation between Somalia and Uganda.

“SNA training helps to promote regional peace and security since it enhances the building of capacity,” she said adding that “The role of securing critical installations will only be successful if you all practice what has been taught at all levels of command as you fight for the African cause,” hence imploring them not to betray their country and continent.

Speaking at the same graduation, the Somali Minister of Defence Abdulkadir Mohamed Nur lauded President Museveni and the entire UPDF for helping to fight terrorism in Somalia.

”Your sacrifices and support in Somalia will always be cherished as we fight terrorism to have a safe and secure Somalia. We shall forever be grateful.” he said.

The Somali Defence Minister further commended UPDF for enhancing the capacity of SNA, saying “SNA will write UPDF history and spirits in Somalia.”

The UPDF Joint Chief of Staff (JCOS) Major General  Leopold Kyanda, who represented the Chief of Defence Forces General Wilson Mbasu Mbadi, appealed to the SNA Special Forces to maintain conscious discipline, follow the correct ideology, teamwork, be patriotic, committed and frugal, among others; for the total liberation of Somalia.

He urged SNA troops to stand on the Tripartite doctrine; which stipulates that any assistance must be built on the doctrine of building internal capacity to defend the country. “You need to be trained and be ideologically upright to achieve what is required,” he emphasized.

Gen. Kyanda remarked that unity is the foundation of any military and called for a campaign against sectarian tendencies, mentioning that these derail development. “When we leave Somalia, we know that we have left behind a strong force to look after Somalia and one that can develop your country,” Maj Gen Kyanda further told trainees.

The earlier batch of Somali National Army, who were passed out in March had successfully concluded their four-month special Basic Military Training at the Special Mission Training Centre in Butiaba, Bulisa District.

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