Singer Cindy Sanyu Officially introduces bonkmate Joel Atiku in lavish ceremony


By Ugandaonline

Singer Cinderella Sanyu aka Cindy this weekend introduced her fiance Prynce Joel Atiku to her parents in a lavish ceremony that took place at her home in Serere district in Eastern Uganda.

The heavily pregnant Cindy is set to walk down the aisle on December 11 after the couple held their last wedding meeting on November 27.  

Okuyo officially visited Cindy’s family in Munyonyo in a traditional ceremony known as kukyala in May this year

The visibly excited Singer couldn’t wait to give birth before legalizing her relationship with the talented actor.

Heavily pregnant Cindy during the Ceremony
Cindy’s Fiance Joel Atiku during the ceremony

Cindy is the latest Celebrity to legalize her relationship in these two years of inactivity in the entertainment Industry.  She is also in her second known relationship after she dumped her baby daddy Mario a few years ago

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