Secure Your Places In Markets Before It’s Too Late- Gov’t To Ban Street Vendors From Kampala In January 2022


By Uganda Online Media

Kampala: The government through Kampala Capital City Authority(KCCA) has resolved to kick out street vendors from Kampala effective January 2022.

This has been confirmed by Kampala Resident City Commissioner Hudu Hussein saying from January 10th, 2022, KCCA will not permit street vending and hawking.

“All vendors and street hawkers should make arrangements to find markets where they will operate from. Starting next year, KCCA (Kampala Capital City Authority) will not permit street vending and hawking. The City needs an upgrade,” he said.

RCC made the remarks while delivering his Christmas message at the Uganda Media Centre in Kampala,

Hudu noted that all hawkers should secure stalls in available markets in and around the city center in a move that is meant to upgrade and redeem Kampala’s image both locally and abroad.

Hudu said people share pictures of cities of the countries around East Africa comparing them with Kampala, and insulting Uganda’s leadership for a “substandard capital city.”

“We have heard your insults and cries. As you see, those cities to which you compare Kampala, do not have vending and hawking on streets because the Governments there drove them off the streets. So, the vendors and hawkers on the streets should be aware of next year,” he stated.

The RCC noted that Kampala’s streets and pavements are not for trading, adding that the Government provided Usaafi , Wandegeya among other markets for that purpose.

“Relocate to Usafi or Wandegeya markets in peace before you are forced to do so,” Hussein said.

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