Schools reopening: Unvaccinated Students, Teachers To Be Blocked From Accessing School Premises


By Uganda Online

Kampala: The Ministry of Education and Sports has announced that all unvaccinated teachers and students aged 18 and above will be blocked from accessing school premises when schools reopen come January 2022.

This was revealed by education ministry spokesperson Dr. Denis Mugimba saying that parents will also be required to buy face masks for their children.

Mugimba further noted that Schools will also be expected to ensure that washing facilities are in place on their premises further urging unvaccinated teachers and students above 18 to get the jabs to ensure safe reopening.

“Institutions should ensure that there are washing facilities as schools plan to open in January 2022 however parents should be in a position to avail masks to the students and teachers who have not been vaccinated will not be allowed in schools,” Mugimba said.

He also assured education stakeholders that “all preparations to open schools are ongoing at the Ministry of Education and Sports adding that the ministry will be announcing school re-opening dates on Wednesday, December 15, 2021.

Mugimba said that the official re-opening dates will be announced by the Education Minister who is also the first lady, Janet Museveni.

”The Education Minister, who is also the first lady will announce the dates on 15th, December 2021 in the evening, everything is set,” Mugimba added.

Schools in Uganda have been fully or partly closed for more than 77 weeks because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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