Schools reopening: Ministry Of Education To Adopt New Secondary Curriculum


By Ugandaonline

Kampala: The Prime Minister, Robinah Nabbanja, has revealed that the government is in the process of rolling out the new lower secondary school curriculum ahead of schools reopening in January 2022.

“Government has recruited and deployed 1,598 staff in the newly completed seed secondary schools under the Uganda Inter-governmental Fiscal Transfers Programme. The recruitment of the remaining 1,409 posts has also commenced and will be completed in this financial year 2021/2022,” Nabbanja told Parliament.

Nabbanja noted that staffing and purchase of instructional materials are key areas in ensuring the effective implementation of the new curriculum adding that the government has also identified Shs45.8 billion that will support recruitment of 3,594 teaching and non-teaching staff over a two-year period.

Nabbanja said that instructional materials for the lower secondary curriculum, that is, senior one and senior two, have been procured and will be delivered by end of January 2022, whereas the procurement of materials for senior three and senior four is ongoing.

While appearing before parliament, Nabbanja was tasked by Bukomansimbi Woman MP Hon. Veronica Nanyondo to explain whether the government has the structural and financial readiness to implement the new curriculum and whether stakeholders were involved in its formulation.

In response, Nabbanja confirmed that the government through the National Curriculum Development Center made wide consultations during the formulation of the new lower secondary curriculum.

“A training strategy was developed for retooling the in-service teachers on the new curriculum and this will continue in the subsequent years. To date, a total of 30,000 teachers out of the projected 50,000 in both government and private schools, have been retooled,” Nabbanja said.

The Prime Minister also told the House that each of the 6,000 secondary schools, both government and private, had received copies of the new syllabus.

She added that a new Teacher Education programme to equip teachers with relevant competencies needed to deliver on the curriculum has been developed, and that funds have been provided in the 2021/2022 budget to retool 20,000 teachers of senior one and senior two.

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