Property Worth Millions Lost As Two Primary Pupils Set Two Schools On Fire

Property Worth Millions Lost As Two Primary Pupils Set Two Schools On Fire

By Uganda Online Media

Kampala: The Territorial Police in Kampala Metropolitan East and KMP South are investigating two separate incidents of fire out break on school dormitories at Young Elite Primary School in Kasokoso and MH Junior School Nabbingo, respectively.

According to Police Force spokesperson, Fred Enanga, the fire was set by two separate indisciplined pupils aged 11 and 16 who were fed up with school.

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Enanga confirmed that on the 3rd June 2022, a one Mutwama Aminadabu, 16 year old P.7 pupil of Young Elite School, Kasokoso, Kira Municipality packed his school items and returned home, where he told his parents that he was no longer interested in school.

The parents according to Enanga instead chased and forced him to return to school. Upon reaching school, the suspect set his properties on fire, which spread and burnt 7 other mattresses, clothes, school uniforms, 4 beds, 1 dispense and part of the dormitory roof. 

Enanga further revealed that the suspect escaped from school and is till missing.

“It is fortunate that no pupils got injured since they were in class however, properties valued at approximately 10m got burnt” he said.

In a separate development, on 4th June 2022 at about 5.48am, a one Muyanja Anani Aramathan 11 and P. 4 pupil of MH Junior School Nabbingo, Ituga Cell, Kyengera Town Council, informed his matron Nalwanga Cissy, about a fire outbreak in the dormitory.

The matron according to Enanga found when the fire had just started burning the bed of Muyanja Anani and immediately put out by neighbours and the school staff.

A matchbox was recovered under the bed of Muyanja, who was fed up with the school and hated classes. He therefore, wanted to burn the school, so that they are sent home forcing authorities to report the matter to Kakungube Police.

Enanga further warned that fires in schools can be dramatic effect on the educational environment for the pupils and the staff urging Headteachers and school staff to closely watch out for pupils who have a dislike for classes and seek services of counsellors, parents and guardians, to help minimize the risks of arson in schools.

He urges the public to get rid of target hardening practices like deterring unauthorized entry into the school, buildings and ensure that all combustible items are kept away from pupils and conducting fire risk assessments regularly.

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