Prime Minister Nabbanja, Rosemary Sseninde Clash With Aida Nantaba Over Kayunga LC5 race


By Ugandaonline

Kayunga: The Prime Minister, Robinah Nabbanja, Rosemary Sseninde the NRM Director in charge of mobilization, have clashed with former lands minister, Aida Nantaba accusing her of going against the NRM party rules and supporting an independent candidate in the Kayunga LC5 race.

Nantaba, an NRM supporter declared supporter for independent candidate Majid Nyanzi for the Kayunga LCV race.

, Nabbanja and other fellow NRM members who had gone to mobilise support for their candidate said whereas Nantaba is her friend, she could not leave without mentioning that what she did was wrong.

“As NRM we have rules governing us that say we have one flag bearer. Being my friend(Nantaba) doesn’t mean I don’t see her mistakes. When you voted for her, she should know you have the knowledge to vote for the person you want. Let her allow you vote for a person of your choice. I am not abusing her but I am speaking the truth,” Nabbanja said.

“Yes, I am friends with Nantaba but when it comes to the party, I only support one who was given the flag. Politics shouldn’t be mixed with personal affairs. You order(people to vote for your candidates) as who? During the previous election, it was Muwonge with the flag and that still stands. NRM has only one candidate (in the Kayunga LC5 race) and that is Muwonge. Others are self-seekers.” she added.

Asking locals to vote for NRM’s Muwonge, Nabbanja equated the election to a vehicle noting that it is only wise that they only fix tyres that are compatible with the vehicle.

“On top is President Museveni and I am the Prime Minister who heads all government business. It is only wise that you vote for an NRM LC5 chairman and that is Muwonge. If at the top is Museveni(president) and at the district, you vote for an NUP candidate, it is like fitting a bicycle tyre on a bus,” she said.

Describing herself as a bulldozer but also as Air Force One, the coveted aircraft for the United States President, Nantaba said the 89.81km Kayunga-Bbaale-Galiraaya road is soon being tarmacked after getting a contractor to work on it but promised that she will ensure more development comes to the district if the NRM candidate is voted.

Speaking during the same meetings, the NRM Director in charge of mobilization, Rosemary Sseninde said it high time the people of Kayunga corrected the mistake they had made in the first place and vote for the party candidate in the LC5 race.

“This is the chance for people of Kayunga to rectify the mistake they had earlier made and vote for someone who will work closely with President Museveni. This is your chance and don’t let it pass,”Sseninde said.

“Don’t opposition because their agenda is opposing everything. This is your chance and don’t be deceived by anyone. Let no one decide for you.”

Nabbanja further urged Muwonge to help deal with the rampant land grabbing in Kayunga as well corruption at the district headquarters if voted as the LC5 chairman.

“Kayunga has had land wrangles for a long time and if you are voted into office, help the people solve that problem. I will give you all the necessary support,”Nabbanja promised.

Kayunga will on December 16 go into polls in a by-election aimed at filling the vacancy left behind after the death of the LC5 chairman, Ffeffekka Sserubogo in June.

Whereas race for the next Kayunga district chairman attracted six candidates, the biggest contest is between National Unity Platform’s Harriet Nakweede and NRM’s Andrew Muwonge .

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