Pope Francis Reportedly Close To Resigning After Cancelling Planned Trip To Africa

Pope Francis Reportedly Close To Resigning After Cancelling Planned Trip To Africa

By Uganda Online Media

Kampala: Jorge Mario Bergoglio who, in 2013, through a conclave was appointed Pope to replace Benedict XVI, could resign from his position as Supreme Pontiff.

According to the latest reports, the health problems afflicting the 85-year-old Argentinean have begun to generate the rumour that he would soon cede his position to one of the cardinals who make up the Roman Curia.

The sight of Pope Francis in a wheelchair and his recent cancellation of a planned tour of Africa in July open the door to speculation that his health is worsening.

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The fact that he has called for an extraordinary meeting among cardinals further fuels the version that something is not right at the Vatican.

The truth is that the South American clergyman’s mind is not lucid either, since recently an unusual event took place in the Holy See, since last May, during a meeting with the bishops, Pope Francis addressed his knee problems, saying: “Instead of operating, I am going to resign”.

However, no member of the Curia has spoken out about the situation surrounding the highest representative of the Catholic Church.

The truth is that, due to his advanced age, since it was known that he was going to become Pope, experts in religious matters coincided in pointing out that his pontificate would be brief.

It is worth mentioning that Jorge Mario Bergoglio chose to call himself Francis in honour of St. Francis of Assisi, an Italian saint who founded the Franciscan Order in the 13th century and who was characterized by his dedication to the poor and his extreme humility.

In this perspective, the current Pope has always tried to address in his sermons a special section directed toward the most vulnerable groups of society.

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