Police To Investigate Lubiri High School Students Over Erotic Viral Video In School Bus

By Uganda Online Media

Kampala: Police have said they are investigating Lubiri High School students who were captured in a video engaging in erotic dances that left social media users murmuring.

In a video that went viral on Saturday, male and female students were captured on a bus belonging to Midland High School in Kawempe involved in public sexual acts which police said have picked interest to establish whether the school administration was aware.

After the video went viral, Midland High School distanced itself from the incident, saying their bus had was hired by Lubiri High School for a trip to Jinja and that the blame should go to them.

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According to Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga the school management needs to be investigated over negligence.

“Some students were caught on camera getting naughty including some sexual behaviour between male and female students who had paired up in the bus. The biggest question is on how the incident occurred on a school bus without the school staff and driver noticing. We are going to establish whether there was a teacher who escorted or was supposed to escort the students and whether protocols on security and safety of students were followed,”Enanga said.

Enanga further revealed that the Criminals Investigations Division has put up  task team headed by the commissioner in charge of  sexual gender based violence  , child and family protection and  ICT.

“The task team will investigate whether any students used their power to exploit other students while on us and whether any students were victim by any exploitative acts of others. Once they have concluded investigations, we shall see the most appropriate action to be taken against culprits,” he added.

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