Opinion: Gen Saleh Cannot Demean His Bosses

Opinion: Gen Saleh Cannot Demean His Bosses

By David Sserumaga

On December 30,  2022, a few members of the opposition organized what they called ’End of Year Prayers’ at Nsambye Sharing Hall.

Surprisingly, what was meant to be prayers turned into a procession which promoted the security organs to block these politically motivated prayers.

However, before security organs intervened, opposition members like Dr Kizza Besigye, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago and others addressed the media where the Lord Mayor was quoted saying “We paid money to access Sharing Hall Nsambya but Police sealed off the premises. We shall not kneel down for any person, including President Museveni and Gen Salim Saleh. Salim Saleh is the one who makes everybody kneel including the Prime Minister and Vice-President who all kneel before him”.

A defamatory statement like that could have irritated the Chief Coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation Gen Salim Saleh which forced him to wisely send a written end-of-year message to the Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago on December 31, 2022, full of political fireworks.

In this handwritten letter, Gen Saleh said, ‘’I have withdrawn all the support I have been giving you in your fight (Political) until you apologize’’.

Nevertheless, after four days, the Lord Mayor finally gathered himself and responded to a question from a journalist on the same subject matter where he said ‘’that is crap that I have taken to court’’.

It would have been better if the Lord Mayor gathered himself like a mature person, swallowed the Pride and bent low. In the African ethical setting, ‘’Omuloodi’’ will lose nothing if he humbly apologises to Gen. Saleh whom he alleged that he misuses power.

Shamingly, Lord Mayor Lukwago changed the goalpost and resorted to suing a newspaper which has supported him all the years, something showing betrayal of the highest order yet he very well knows that media is just a channel where information is sent to reach the intended audience.

It would have been better if ‘’Omuloodi’’ sued the source which is quoted in the news than attacking the media.

It undermines the state and top leaders like the Prime Minister and Vice President for the Lord Mayor to say that Gen Saleh makes them kneel before him.

Gen Saleh is a humble and obedient retired senior army officer who has dedicated his life in transforming Uganda through rural industrialization and economic empowerment through organized Saccos.

Gen Saleh knows very well the chain of leadership and there is no way he can demean his bosses like the Prime Minister and the Vice President to kneel before him.

If the Lord Mayor is ashamed of making a public apology, he should not intimidate the media but rather to look for Gen Saleh to resolve the issue so that he reunites with the hand that fed him or supported his political fights as is stated in General’s end-of-year letter.

Those who criticized Gen Saleh for supporting an opposition member should know that the NRM government is more focused on working with all political leaders for a better Uganda and the Lord Mayor is not the first nor the last.

Political parties like UPC, DP and others are in good relationship with the NRM leadership which is why you find some of the opposition members in Cabinet or support them in positions like representatives of the Parliament of East African C

Gen Saleh just needs the respect he gives to all Ugandans, if you are benefiting from him and you slander him, he will not attack you but rather cut the benefits you have been getting until you apologize.

David Sserumaga is a concerned citizen

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