Operation Shujaa Phase 2: UPDF, Congo Army Capture ADF Airfield

UPDF Launches Operation Shujaa Phase 2 With Massive Airstrikes On ADF Camps

By Uganda Online Media

Kampala: Uganda people’s defense forces (UPDF) in collaboration with the Congo Army under  Operation Shujaa against Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) have captured Boga airfield from the rebels.

This development has been confirmed by Maj Peter Mugisa, the operation spokesperson, who said the joint force captured the Boga Airfield.

“Our UPDF forces using Haibale landing site on River Semliki in Ntoroko District, heading to Boga areas, on Wednesday afternoon with Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (FARDC), captured Boga airfield, which has been a triangle of death,” Maj Mugisa said.

Maj. Mugisa further noted that the development was as the result of Wednesday morning artillery strikes and bombardments into the ADF camp of Rume, which left several rebels injured.

According to Maj Mugisa, the injured rebels were reported to have crossed to Kisima on Beni-Kasindi road from Mwalika Isali sector, heading northwards, probably Eringeti triangle or the Rwenzori Mountains.

 “The joint forces have put the enemies under heavy pressure. They are now running here and there with casualties. We expect to see a high desertion rate and surrender if we maintain the high tempo,” he said.

While launching phase 2 of the assault, the operation commander, Maj Gen Kayanja Muhanga, said phase one gave ADF a devastating blow.

“Many died, others got injured and the rest scattered. We are now hunting down those who scattered, ultimately we shall get them,”  Gen Muhanga said.

He urged the rebels to surrender and enjoy presidential amnesty or if captured,  face court-martial.

Maj Gen Muhanga said the road from Burasi to Boga, a stretch of about 50 kilometers, which is being worked on, will connect Mbau, Ouicha, Eringeti, Kainama, Tchabi, Olamoyo, R Semliki Bridge up to Mukakati, and ease their operations against the rebels.

“That means if this security road is opened, we will have covered the triangle of death (Mukakati). We shall have encircled the enemy operating in that triangle,”  he said.

Last week, fresh attacks of ADF and CODECO rebels reported in eastern DR Congo left more than 64 people dead.
The rebels attacked Njiapande Town and Nobili village killing four people while CODECO rebels attacked Balu in Djungu territory Ituri province invaded an IDP camp of Bahema tribe, killing more than 60 people.

The attacks also left more than 1,500 refugees crossing to Uganda in Bundibugyo District.

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