Omoro By-elections: NRM’s Andrew Ojok’s Candidature Hangs In Balance As ANT’s Oscar Kizza Petitions Electoral Commission Over Lack Of Academic Papers

Omoro By-elections: NRM's Andrew Ojok's Candidature Hangs In Balance As ANT's Oscar Kizza Petitions Electoral Commission Over Lack Of Academic Papers

NRM Candidate Andrew Ojok Oulanyah

By Uganda Online Media

Kampala: The Alliance for National Transformation candidate Oscar Kiiza has filed a petition to the Electoral Commission seeking cancellation of the just concluded nomination of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) candidate, Andrew Ojok Oulanyah for academic documents.

 According to Kiiza the nomination of Ojok who is late Jacob Oulanyah’s son was illegal and he should be disqualified from the race further alleging that he (Ojok) does not even possess the minimum requirements for one to contest as a member of parliament.

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‘’By Law, NRM has no candidate, the person the electoral commission nominated has no papers and I have made the complaint formerly, I have been telling the electoral commission officers that they are heading for something they may not like,’’ Kizza said.

In his petition, Kiiza alleges that Ojok’s nomination by the electoral commission was illegal and irregular because the person nominated doesn’t exist and he is not qualified to be nominated.

‘’The two persons, Andrew ‘Ojok Oulanyah and Ojok Andrew O’ are not one and the same hence it was irregular and illegal for a person without academic papers and non-existence in the first place to have been nominated,’’ reads part of his petition to the electoral commission

‘’Secondly, there is a purported swearing of oaths of a non-existing person called Ojok Andrew Oulanyah on the nomination forms, this could have only been done under collusion, connivance, impersonation and concealment between the person holding out as  ‘Ojok Andrew Oulanyah’, ‘Ojok Andrew O’ and the purported commissioner for Oaths,’’ the petition adds

Kizza has thus tasked the electoral commission to cancel Ojok’s nomination noting that he does not meet the requirements of section 4 of the parliamentary election 2002.

”I, therefore, ask of your office ti have the nomination of the non-existing Ojok Andrew Oulanya cancelled as he does not meet the requirements of section 4 to the parliamentary elections 2002” adding that he does not have the minimum academic qualifications to run for the office of a member of parliament, he did nit tale Oath, the purported resignation show an active employer of the government of Uganda running for a political office”

Ojok was endorsed by NRM as the sole candidate to carry the party flag to replace his late father Jacob Oulanyah who passed on in March this year after battling a terminal illness.

According to the electoral commission, Campaigns kicked off on Monday 16 May 2022 and will run up to 24 May and the by-election will be held on 26 May 2022.

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