New Details Emerge On Killer Police Officer Who Gunned Down Indian Businessman Along Parliamentary Avenue

New Details Emerge On Killer Police Officer Who Gunned Down Indian Businessman Along Parliamentary Avenue

The Police officer who shot a money lender dead had a mental illness that saw him taken to Butabika Hospital, the country’s national mental referral on several occasions to manage his condition.

Police Constable Ivan Wabwire on Friday afternoon shot and killed Uttam Bhandari, an Indian national and the director of TFS Financial Services over a shs2, 130,000 loan he had taken from the money lender.

However, new details have indicated that the officer currently on the run had mental challenges right from training school that have on several occasions been managed.

At least three officers who separately spoke to this website confirmed the issue of mental illness.

“He has been to Butabika three times. The first time he spent three months before he returned to work,” a Police officer deployed at the Central Police Station in Kampala said.

“One time we had been deployed together but run away from work for a month and no one knew where he had gone. I all this time called him but he didn’t pick my calls. He only responded with messages saying he was seeing graves. He later returned to work,” another officer said.

Another officer described Wabwire as being very quiet that one could rarely get a word out of him but noted that because of his mental illness, he was not allowed to carry gun.

To this, he was always deployed in the parking of Central Police Station but also to man the entrance to the police station where he had been relegated to carrying out thorough body checks to those accessing the premises.

The shooting and CCTV cameras

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, Patrick Onyango told journalists on Friday that the suspect had been servicing two loans since 2020 with the first one being directly deducted from his salary while the second one was not.

“He could just come and pay whenever he got the money for the second loan. They calculated and told him he owed the company Shs2, 130,000. Yesterday, (Thursday) he said the bank where they are paying his salary from wanted the calculations so that they can offset all the loan and see how they could progress with him. He came back today and started arguing with one of the workers leading to the shooting,” Onyango said.

This website has learnt that on the fateful day, Wabwire took advantage of a colleague’s gun that he picked and without anyone’s notice, he jumped on a boda boda to Parliamentary Avenue.

One of the Police CCTV cameras captured Wabwire on boda boda registration number UFR 130Z moving to Raja Chambers where the shooting happened.

Footage circulated on social media from the private CCTV cameras in the building captured the suspect shooting at the deceased multiple times.

According to footage from police CCTV cameras collaborated as part of investigations, the police officer was captured jumping on a boda along the Kampala-Jinja Road, then via Café Javas as he joined Parliamentary Avenue to the crime scene.

Another Police CCTV camera at parliament also captured Wabwire leaving the scene on a boda boda registration number UFQ 176U back to the Central Police Station.

At CPS, he returned and dropped the killer gun inside the scenes of crime officers’ office before changing attire and vanished in thin air.

Detectives on Friday used footage from Police CCTV cameras along Kampala Road, Parliament, and CPS to put together evidence pinning the suspect to the crime.

By 3pm on Friday, Wabwire’s known contacts were off as efforts by the Police Flying Squad Units to track him gained momentum.

Another officer arrested

This website has separately learnt that a police constable only identified as Mulombo, attached to the Central Police Station was on Friday evening arrested over negligence after his gun was picked and used by Wabwire in the shooting.

Sources privy to the matter told revealed that Mulombo was picked from Nsambya and by the time of the arrest, he didn’t know what had happened.

The incident could see heads rolling, especially among the commanders at the Central Police Station in regards to how the incident happened under their nose without detection.

Source: Nilepost

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