Ministry Of Internal Affairs To Destroy Over 30,000 Uncollected Passports

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By Uganda Online Media

Kampala: Ministry of Internal Affairs has announced that it is stuck with over 30,000 uncollected passports which are yet to be destroyed.

According to the ministry spokesperson, Simon Mundeyi, there are passports which have remained unclaimed for more than one year and these will be destroyed if not collected by owners.

“We request members of the public who applied for passports, paid, scheduled appointments and their passports made to come and pick them up. We now have about 30,000 passports in our stores in Kyambogo which have not been claimed by owners,” Mundeyi said.

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“The ministry is therefore planning to destroy passports which have taken a year in store because we don’t have where to keep them.”

Mundeyi further noted that some applicants put in the wrong contacts while applying for passports and when messages notifying them to pick up their documents are sent, they go to the wrong numbers.

“Some people during the process of applying online made mistakes in the contacts they put. If you miss a number or something, the message will go to a different person. We appeal to all Ugandans who applied for passports to come to Kyambogo to check our centre because we are soon going to destroy them.”

Mundeyi noted that after the system upgrade which also included an Automatic Finger Integrated System (AFIS), they are now producing more passports than normal in a bid to help clear the backlog of unprinted passports.

“We are now producing 3000 passports daily yet normally, we produce 2000 passports and because of this we expect numbers to be a little high at the passport collection centre in Kyambogo.”

He noted that in a period of one or two weeks, they will have cleared the backlog and the printing of passports will return to normal.

“We ask applicants to bear with us for one or two weeks to clear the backlog as the printing is above normal.”

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