Lc3 Chairperson Involved In Cattle Raiding Killed By UPDF

Lc3 Chairperson Involved In Cattle Raiding Killed By UPDF

By Uganda Online Media

Kampala: Joint security forces in Karamoja have shot dead Aped Longoli, the LC III Vice-chairperson of Napumpum sub-county in Kotido district.

According to Chris Magezi, the UPDF Land Forces spokesman, Longoli was gunned down “while leading a cattle raid into Napak District.” adding that Longoli is one of many other local leaders in Karamoja who are actively involved in the cattle rustling.

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Micheal Longole, the Karamoja region police spokesperson also confirmed the incident describing it as unfortunate for a leader who should have been key in helping the government to fight cattle raids.

According to Longole, the deceased had joined rustlers who had gone to rustle animals in Apeitolim sub-county in Napak district. “They managed to raid animals but as they were driving them to Kotido through Abim, they landed in an ambush laid by UPDF and ASTU and shot at them,” he said.

He says that Longoli was killed together with another rustler. Major Isaac Oware, the UPDF 3rd Infantry Division spokesperson says that the killing of the chairperson shows that the leaders in the region were actively participating in cattle rustling.

“The same leaders who blame security in the region for not ending rustling are the same people participating in the raids,” he said

Simon Konyen, a resident of Panyangara sub-county in Kotido district regretted the incident, saying it’s unfortunate that the leaders whom they are supposed to report to criminal activities have become criminals themselves.

“We have always said that the cattle rustling has turned to be commercial and it will continue,” he said.

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