Kizza Besigye Beats Security At His Home In Kasangati To Launch Muzukuke Protests In Kampala

By Uganda Online Media

Kampala: Dr, Kizza Besigye who was yesterday arrested at his home has made his way to town to launch protests against the skyrocketing commodity prices.

Tactful Besigye left security which is manning his home and its environs when he made his way to the city centre.

According to a video shared by the NTV, Besigye is seen calling upon Ugandans on top of his highly shielded vehicle to raise up and protest against the rising prices which the government has failed to address.

This comes at the backdrop of president Museveni’s speech last Sunday about the same but was not convincing since he said there’s no immediate solution now apart from calling on Ugandans to be frugal and use whatever they have sparingly further noting that Museveni cannot set aside Shs.2bn for his family alone yet Ugandans are dying in stinking poverty.

”In the budget that they have just passed, he (Museveni) has over 2 billion to spend at his home with the wife and guests, how do you tell people to cut on expenses when you are living extravagantly?” he asked.

“I will not accept to be kept in my house like I am a prisoner in my own country. This must stop,” Besigye vowed.

Police have for the past two weeks prevented Besigye from getting to town sighting insecurity and looting but he has finally made it to the city to do what he does best in mobilizing Ugandans who are also equally feeling the pinch of the high commodity prices making life expensive to maintain.

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