Jacob Oulanyah Is In Very Good State, He Has Spoken To Many MPs- Deputy Speaker Anita Among Gives Update On Her Boss’s Health Condition

By Uganda Online Media

Kampala: Deputy Speaker Anita Annet Among has told her colleagues in Parliament the speaker of parliament Jacob Oulanyah is in a good state after positively responding to treatment.

According to Anita, Oulanyah is in very good condition and has been able to speak to some members of parliament.

I would like to inform you that Speaker Jacob Oulanyah is now in a very good state,” she told Parliament.
“He has been able to speak to many of you [MPs] and we thank God for that,” Anita said in a tweet.

Oulanyah was flown to the United States last week where he is currently receiving treatment.

Over the week, rumors suggesting that Oulanya’s health had deteriorated have been making rounds, especially on social media. Other rumors claimed that the Speaker had died.

Recently, Among confirmed to Members of Parliament that Oulanyah was unwell and that he had been flown to the U.S on February 4, 2022, for specialized treatment.

She also noted that she had talked to the Speaker who assured her that he was feeling better.

“I spoke to Rt Hon. Jacob Oulanyah before I came to the House today and he is in good moods. He told me to tell the Members that he loves them,” Among said.

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