It’s Not Over Yet! UPDF Launches Operation Shujaa Phase 2 With Massive Airstrikes On ADF Camps

UPDF Launches Operation Shujaa Phase 2 With Massive Airstrikes On ADF Camps

By Uganda Online Media

Kampala: The Uganda People’s defense forces (UPDF) and Congolese troops have started the second phase of Operation shujaa against the Allied Democratic Forces rebels in the neighboring country.

The joint forces launched the first phase of the operation in November last year, overrunning several ADF camps in eastern DRC.

Following the launch of phase 2, UPDF has today Tuesday morning bombarded another round of airstrikes and artillery on the remaining camps of the ADF terrorist group in DRC’s North Kivu and Ituri provinces.

According to sources, this assault was part of the “second phase of the Operation Shujaa”

Since the launch of the operations in November last year, several camps including the famous Kambi Ya Yua were captured with their different leaders currently in the hands of the two governments.

President Yoweri Museveni while announcing the second phase of the operation last month, predicted that the ADF would now go into “pure terrorism.”

“Our experience here is that, once you attack concentrations of the terrorists and they see that you have the capacity, they can’t challenge your army to army, they now go to pure terrorism. They break into small groups and they go to attack villagers, “Museveni said.

Indeed, reports have been emerging of the ADF remnants attacking villages, shooing randomly, and destabilizing the locals especially with the recent attacks on the border with Uganda in the Bundibugyo district.

As such, the president called for the strengthening of security which includes using mobile forces, zonal forces, local defense units per village, strategic forces (air forces, artillery), and to lesser – extent special forces.
He said these will later prevent pockets of terrorism where rebels return to attack villagers and kill people ending up discrediting the government.

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