IGG Arrests Former Uganda Airlines CEO Cornwell Muleya

By Uganda Online Media

Kampala: The Inspectorate of Government has arrested sacked Uganda Airlines Chief Executive Officer, Cornwell Muleya.

Muleya was the CEO of the national airline until, April 2021 when the Minister of Works and Transport, Gen Edward Katumba Wamala suspended him together with other senior managers over mismanagement of the national carrier.

According to the deputy Inspector General of Government, Dr. Patricia Achan Okiria ,they are currently carrying out investigations into mismanagement of the national carrier during the period when Muleya was the CEO.

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“In the course of our investigations, the Inspectorate of Government summoned him to give information and facilitate the investigations but failed to heed to the summons. Consequently, Mr.Cornwell Muleya has been arrested and charged with the offence of failure to attend before the Inspectorate of Government when so ordered,” Dr.Achan confirmed on Tuesday afternoon.

Achan further noted that Muleya has been arrested in accordance with section 35 of Inspectorate of Act 2002 for willfully and without lawful justification disobeying an order of the IGG when ordered.

“He is the former CEO of the airline and during term of his office there were irregularities discovered and complaint was filed here over a year ago .Beign CEO of the airline we expected him to comply with our summons to give us information regarding to his management but he refused. We have arrested him and currently writing a statement before being taken to court tomorrow,” Achan added.

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