If I Had A Gun, I Would Shoot Editors, Writers Using ‘Alleged Torture’ While Describing Kakwenza’s Situation

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By Uganda Online Media

Kampala: Former presidential candidate Joseph Kabuleta has come out to express his disappointment with journalists, and writers currently writing stories about troubled Novelist Kakwenza Rukirabashaija noting that they are covering the government’s inhuman acts that have been committed against the writer.

Furious Kabuleta noted that If he had a gun, he would be tempted to shoot any writer/editor who uses the phrase “alleged torture” when describing the ordeal of Kakwenza.

“He shows you a body ridden with wounds and you still use “alleged”. If he would die some papers would say “alleged” death”,Kabuleta said.

In his opinion, Kabuleta noted that writers should be able to use proper words especially when there is clear evidence showing that one has been subjected to torture.

“Cyberbullying has become the buzzword among NRM apparatchiks trying to divert attention away from the heinous torture of Kakwenza and turn the pantomime villain who supervised over it into a victim. They’re even planning a parliamentary debate on it. Don’t fall for it,” Kabuleta added

The United States Embassy in Uganda and other European countries have several times condemned the recurring reports of forced disappearances, arbitrary detention, and torture of Ugandans.

They said recurring credible accounts of forced disappearance, arbitrary detention, and use of physical and mental torture of Ugandan citizens by the security forces reflect poorly on the government and undermine the Constitution of Uganda.

Kakwenza, who fled the country this week, has alleged that he was tortured while in detention.

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