Government Unveils New Measures For Boda Boda Operations In Kampala, Given Six Months To Organize Their Sector

Government Unveils New Measures For Boda Boda Operations In Kampala, Given Six Months To Organize Their Sector

By Uganda Online Media

Kampala: In a bid to establish organized and have controlled operations of the Boda Boda business in the central business district, the government has outlined new measures under which they would operate as well as enabling the government to regulate the sector.

Bodaboda riders under their newly established umbrella body, Boda-Boda Industry Uganda (BIU), which includes over 60 boda-boda associations across the country, yesterday met with Hajjat Minsa Kabanda the Minister for Kampala and the Minister of State for Kampala Capital City and Metropolitan Affairs, Kabuye Kyofatogabye to devise lasting solutions for the sector.

The Boda Boda riders led by Siraj Mutyaba, the BIU interim Chairperson said the agreed measures will solve the problems in their industry.

“We among others agreed that we intensify mobilization and sensitization of the boda-boda riders in the city, massive registration of the riders and visiting and gazetting of their stages of operation, We also agreed on; reviewing the apex body governing the association, no group/association is authorized to sell reflector jackets for all riders, and no group/association is authorized to sell stage positions to riders,” Mutyaba noted

According to statistics from the Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UNCCI), the Boda-Boda Industry provides a livelihood for close to seven million citizens in Uganda.

President Museveni while delivering his last televised covid-19 address in December last year, said that Boda-boda unlike all other sectors of the economy will not fully reopen on January 24, thus extending the curfew for Boda-boda from 6 Pm to 7 Pm until further notice.

Museveni’s revelation angered a section of Ugandans including the riders, the entertainment, and tourism sectors, and the business community.

Following Museveni’s decision, Boda Boda under their leadership filed an online petition is intended to be addressed to the government.

According to Mutyaba, yesterday’s meeting with the Kampala Ministers followed a series of engagement meetings they have held with government agencies including KCCA, the Ministry of Security, the Ministry of Local government, and the Ministry of Works and Transport in a bid to organize their operations in the city.

“We were given a Grace period of six months to organize ourselves so that the industry is regulated by the government and within ourselves, We are 100% in support of the agreed issues and optimistic that they will solve the mishaps that are in our industry,”

At the conference, the Boda-Boda Riders also unveiled the new Reflector jackets which shall be distributed by KCCA.

“This jacket is written on KCCA, it has a Bar Code which will be scanned for one to get details of our rider. We built a Website purposely for that, we are yet to agree on the colors which will be given to each Division of Kampala,” Mutyaba said.

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