From Uganda’s Darling to Africa’s Darling – Museveni Invests Shs 5.6 billion in Tanzania


The school was named “Museveni Nursery and Primary School” and it is located in Nyabirezi Village, Chato district, which is also the home and final resting district of the late Maguli.

Tanzanian President, Samia Suluhu Hassan thanked Museveni for investing over $ 1.6 million (About 5.6 billion shs) in Tanzania, and said, “it is not an easy feat”.

Suluhu said: “You have invested over $1.6 million, Chato loves you so much. What you have done to the people of Chato can only be related to saying which goes that: ‘Give a fish to someone and they will be healed of hunger for the night but teach them how to fish and they will forever be healed for their lives,’” 

“I do not know why he told me so but I later got the sense of it when I realised this place is called Nyabirezi which in our old local dialect is in Kinyankore and is attached to some elements in cattle keeping,” Museveni said.

It should be noted that this is not a typical brand new initiative as it has happened before. In 2015, Museveni donated Shs700m towards the construction of a school in Rwanda. In 2017 Museveni offered Shs780m to Nalukunga Primary School also located in Rwanda.

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