Exposed: How Fake Pastor Mark Odeke-‘Man Of God’ Impregnated Over Three Women From His Own Flock Including His Daughter!


By Uganda Online

Kampala: Man of God (MOG), as he is called by his flock, Mark Arnold Odeke was born in 1980 in Kumi Abur-bur village to one Mr Charles Okiria, former speaker Kumi District and Mrs Grace Adero. He is currently 41 years old contrary to his claims to lure young girls that he’s 37!

Odeke is a first-born from a polygamous family. He attended a number of schools including Teso College, where he says he was expelled for leading a strike in S1. According to his mother though, it seems he was only withdrawn from the school in S3 by his father due to financial constraints.

He left the village at some point and is said to have been paid for by St Francis Chapel Makerere under the leadership of Uncle Ben by then until he finished A’level from a certain school in Wakiso. He performed well and so joined MAK on government sponsorship, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication.

Odeke worked for some time under Public Relations (PR) at Organizations like SCANAD Uganda along Lumumba Avenue, Kampala, before ‘baptizing’ himself and metamorphosed into a Pastor overnight!

He currently pastors and is also the proprietor of ABBAVATER Advertising Agency (which has been mentioned variously in alleged scandals involving Uganda Airline’s funds misappropriations), the reason he used to own a fleet of cars and could afford a luxurious lifestyle.

Unfortunately, ABBAVATER’s contract with its only client Uganda Airlines was not renewed in July 2020, the reason he has been reportedly sponsoring a number of negative campaigns against the forward-moving national airliner.

In doing this, Adeke thought he would arm-twist the current forward-looking administration to re-think and renew his contract. However, this has clearly been in futility. It’s like urinating in a lake thinking you’re making an impact in order to be felt!

infant, his closest friends told this spy that the cancellation of the Uganda airlines contract greatly affected the self-proclaimed city pastor, who apparently, currently borrows posh cars just to camouflage before his peers that he’s still loaded where’s not. This is because he previously used to live a larger life with the multimillion Uganda airlines deal. “Guy has to maintain the status as though nothing happened, otherwise his flock at church would laugh at him,” a source said.

“He actually has an incomplete house in the village on 100-hectare land and is heavily indebted to workers there, including his shamba boys. He now fears to step there,” added our source.

A number of employees both in his church and the advertising agency were also not paid for quite a long time. Some voluntarily stopped working out of frustration, anger and others were discontinued.

His church “Fellowship with the Holy Spirit” (FWTHS) has been hawking in various city halls including At Sheraton, UMA Lugogo Conference Hall, and currently at Teranga Restaurant Bandali Rise Bugolobi.

Occasionally, this fellowship was also held in Kenya, South Sudan and a few times in Zimbabwe and USA.

Odeke’s Most Intricate family Web & How He Chewed & Impregnated Own Daughter Shekina!

Michelle, his known first child born on 12th Dec 2006, was mothered with Atite Agatha now happily married with four kids. Mark was then officially introduced by Becky his son Chris’ mother in Lira whom he later dropped for one Claire who became his first wedded wife in Nov 2014.

Claire’s son Israel was born in Nov 2015 and should be making 6 years now. Julie his second wedded wife on 1st July 2017 and mother to his now 3-year-old daughter Makina born in April 2018 left her marriage because, among other things, she found out that her husband Mark Odeke was sleeping with his adopted child Shekina!

Shekina is a vulnerable Congolese under-aged girl who came to seek refugee in Odeke’s Church from DRC. She started staying with Mark in April 2017 when she was 15 years only to officially be adopted by him in August the same year. Currently, it is said that she was returned to Congo due to rising tensions between her and Mark’s current wife as Shekina was positioning herself as “another woman in the home after he reportedly impregnated her to the amusement of his official wives.

Manipulation, Deceit, Threats, Intimidation- the hall ”mark” of Mark!

Julie’s plea to have custody of her then 1-year-old daughter fell on deaf ears as Mark frustrated all her efforts attributed to him apparently being “connected”! The reason it is assumed he gets away with whatever he does. Let alone paying off whoever is in his favour! “Pastor Mark” is a master of manipulation and intimidation, added source. He always brags that his culprits, who dare report him to authorities for any mischief or talk against MOG or go against him, will face dire consequences; the reason many have fallen prey to his tricks. A considerable number of his followers have staggered in their marriages especially women whom on occasions he has turned against their spouses through his preaching and prophecies.

Actually, some have ended up separating or even divorcing their husbands only for a few to later reconcile with them when they leave his church after realizing the cunning machinations and deceitfulness of Mark.

Followers have left their dreams and lost out on many opportunities in the name of serving God with him because, given the audience, he is a sweet talker! Even as he currently stays with 3 of his numerous kids, it is clearly unknown the actual number of children Mark has as some keep appearing after a number of years. A case in point is his son David who was born on 10th April 2013 but he only met him in Nansana last year in Sept for the first time.

How Mark Controversyly Wedded His 3rd Current Wife, A Zimbabwean!

Important to note is that each and all of his kids are born to different mothers. And officially in total but minus the one who only introduced him, Mark has wedded three wives in the church including the now Zimbabwean Tatenda Ellen Madzokere whom he secretly tied the knot with recently out of the country only to return as husband and wife.

Lilian, Tatenda’s Aunty was the one who invited and introduced Mark to Zimbabwe in November 2016. He again visited in June 2017 only to return in December 2020 to be introduced by Tatenda, who is currently pregnant for him.

It is said that this time he went in for a faraway relationship because he did not want the current wife to get wind of his doings in Uganda, at least not before he wedded her on 20th March this year!

Moreover, at the time, ‘Pastor Mark’ had other three different ladies pregnant for him who have not yet given birth! Efata Mary who was a worship leader in his church, Sheila and Dora both ex ABBAVATER staff and members of the church. One of them apparently, an ex to his blood cousin brother Fred was told to abort but refused.

The aftermath shows how possible it could be that Mark manipulatively took advantage of his younger brother’s then-fiancée who had become one of his flock to confuse her into leaving her boyfriend before he himself began having an affair with her. It is evident that Mark was the reason the two lovebirds’ relationship did not work out. Up to now, one thing is certain for sure that he does not care what happens to his baby mamas and leaves them when they insist on having his kids without any help whatsoever.

Moreover, most of his victims are from his flock or relatives and friends of his flock.

“Mark is someone who will sleep with you, your mother, sisters, children, grandmother and walk away like its normal!”-added the Source.

What’s The Fate Of These ladies?

This said, one is left to wonder just how many girls out there have fallen under his claws. How many has he impregnated and forced to keep quiet, abort or even done worse things in the name of “keeping his reputation” as Pastor?! How many were lucky to have not gotten pregnant? How many stories we shall never have the chance to hear or rather what next should we expect?

It is not inconceivable that Mark (for it is belittling the Almighty to assign Mark the title “Pastor”) could be involved in more sinister acts that have not yet come to light, or probably like he has always manipulated, been kept under the carpet.

It is now imperative that higher law enforcement authorities interest themselves in the person of Mark, and investigate him thoroughly to unravel who this wicked man is.

Source: Spy Uganda

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