Enough Of Your Inhumane Treatment!- Opposition MPs Storm Out Of Parliament Over Continuous Brutal Torture Of Their Members

Opposition MPs Storm Out Of Parliament Over Continuous Brutal Torture Of Their Members

By Uganda Online Media

Kampala: Parliament business was cut short this afternoon come after opposition MPs led by the leader of opposition in parliament, Mathias Mpuuga walked out of the house protesting the failure by the government to address the continued torture of Ugandans.

Raising a matter of national importance, Mpuuga said the fate of missing persons, those tortured and some who have been killed should receive the justice they deserve arguing that the matter is not partisan in nature but affects all Ugandans.

Efforts by Deputy Speaker Anitah Among to get the opposition members to remain patient and wait for the cabinet to present a report on the matter next week were futile as the legislators moved out and sat in front of Parliament chanting, “free our people” before they all walked away.

The MPs said will not be in Parliament for two weeks until they get a positive response from the Government.

The protest by the opposition legislators comes at a time when many opposition-affiliated figures are emerging with evidence of being tortured after cases of detention.

One of the most recent outstanding cases of torture against the opposition emerged when Kasese NUP coordinator, Samuel Masereka, narrated his 34-day torture ordeal.

Masereka narrated his ordeal in a press conference at the National Unity Platform (NUP) headquarters in Kamwokya on Monday this week.

Masereka’s case is not unique to him alone as he disclosed seeing many other opposition figures being tortured in detention.

NUP MP, Abed Bwanika recently proposed that the leadership of the National Unity Platform should organize a meeting with the Head-of-State, President Museveni, to discuss a way out of the ongoing torture of party members.

However, NUP’s top leadership declined the meeting, ruling out the possibility of ever having a meeting with the country’s leader.

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