‘Emulate Late Governor Mutebile Who Died Without Owning A Single Property To His Name’- Museveni To Civil Servants

'Emulate Late Governor Mutebile Who Died Without Owning A Single Property To His Name'- Museveni To Civil Servants

By Uganda Online Media

Kampala: While presiding over the state funeral service at Kololo ceremonial grounds, Museveni has applauded the late governor of Bank Of Uganda Prof Tumusiime Mutebile as a great thinker and adviser whose work and commitment have made the economy a strong one.

He has also thanked him for three major things that that is controlling liquidity to control inflation, reforming the currency, and privatization which has stimulated the economy.

The wife of the late governor, Betty Mutebile has also described her late husband as a hardworking man who dedicated his entire life to serving the country.

“Emmanuel respected everyone and made everyone feel special. He would not refuse anyone to see him. Sunday, I would prepare a buffet, and he would have a one-on-one with everyone who wanted to see him,” she said.

According to, Betty Mutebile, her late husband didn’t build a house around Kampala and if government evicts them from the Kololo based house, they will be rendered homeless. The revelation was made during Mutebile’s vigil at Kololo.

The widow’s plea sparked off criticisms in the public domain with many asking why Mutebile’s family, which has been earning a monthly sum of over Shs 50 million, wants government property donated to them yet others vacated it.

Mutebile has been occupying the governor’s house for the last 20 years. The house was previously occupied by Leo Kibirango and Nyonyintono Kikonyogo and later left it when their time was up.

Meanwhile, 1st Deputy Prime in charge of East African Affairs Rebecca Kadaga has criticized the manner in which parliament debated and eulogized Mutebile.

Kadaga’s disappointment stem from the motion moved by Bukooli Central MP Solomon Sirwanyi to award Mutebile’s family the house where he has been residing.

The former Speaker of Parliament, in a tweet, said the manner in which the ‘House Issue’ was brought to the floor vulgarised the legacy of the great economist.

She said that the Bank of Uganda must be having a clear policy on terminal benefits, which would also be looked into.

Ugandans have since accused parliament over the same, wondering whether the late Mutebile didn’t own a house in his years of service with others exposing some of the mansions, apartments, hotels among other properties owned by the late governor.

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