Electoral Commission Sets Date For Omoro County Elections To Replace Fallen Speaker Jacob Oulanyah

Electoral Commission Sets Date For Elections To Replace Fallen Speaker Jacob Oulanyah

By Uganda Online Media

Kampala: The Electoral Commission (EC) has officially has set a date for conducting elections for Omoro County Member of Parliament following the death of its representative and speaker of the 11th parliament, Jacob Oulanyah.

Jacob Oulanyah died on March 20 2022 in Seattle in the United States where he had been admitted for specialized treatment.

According to the secretary of EC, Leonard Mulekwah, the election will take place on May 26th, 2022 at the designated polling stations in the Omoro District.

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“Following the death of directly elected Member of Parliament for Omoro county, Jacob Oulanyah, and the resignation of District Woman Councillor for Lalogi/Lakwaya and notification about the above position by the clerk of parliament and the Chief Administrative Officer Omoro district, the commission has approved a program to fill the above vacancies,” Mulekwah said in a statement.

The family of the fallen speaker of parliament disclosed that they intend to field one of his relatives for the Omoro County seat.

Earlier this week, the new Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among, tasked legislators from northern Uganda to make Andrew Ojok, the son of the fallen Speaker Jacob Oulanyah, the new Omoro County MP in honor of his father who had represented Omoro for 15 years.

Oulanyah’s body was airlifted on Wednesday evening to his ancestral home in Lalogi, Omoro district and he will be laid to rest tomorrow Friday 8 April 2022.

According to the medical report from Seattle, Oulanyah died of multiple organ failure.

This was also confirmed by the Health Minister Dr.Jane Ruth Aceng while addressing parliament to answer queries from the public about the cause of Oulanyah’s death.

“The immediate cause of death was a multi-organ failure. The heart failed,  the lungs failed,  the liver failed and the kidney failed,” Dr.Aceng told parliament.

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