Don’t Tell Us About Cutting Expenses When Your Family Alone Spends Billions- Kizza Besigye Punch Holes In Museveni’s Solutions To Escalating Commodity Prices

Don't Tell Us About Cutting Expenses When Your Family Spends Billions- Kizza Besigye Punch Holes In Museveni's Solutions To Escalating Commodity Prices

By Uganda Online Media

Kampala: Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) strong man and political activist Dr. Kizza Besigye has vowed to continue his protest against the high cost of living and escalating commodity prices.

According to Dr. Besigye, Museveni’s Sunday presidential address did not provide solutions to the country’s problems, especially the current economic crisis further noting that Museveni did not even think about his government’s wasteful expenditure in his address.

 “In the budget that they have just passed over 2 billion to spend at his home with the wife and guests, how do you tell people to cut on expenses when you are living extravagantly?” Besigye questioned.

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 “He has not talked about what we have been saying that in such a situation, reduce on the cabinet, you do not need 80 ministers…” Besigye added.

Besigye further noted that Musevni’s hope is only on oil which his government has always been waiting for to fill the bank accounts.

‘’Museveni’s hope is in oil, which I have always talked about, that if we don’t fight to get rid of this scam before the oil flows into their accounts, we shall regret it for the rest of many generations. That’s is all they are waiting for to save them from the crisis they have created,’’ Besigye said while addressing journalists on Monday morning at his home in Kasangati.

In his address to the nation, Museveni said that the only way to solve the inflation in the country is to do away with imported items and use alternatives which are available locally rejecting the idea of providing subsidies or tax waivers as a solution to the rising commodity prices of noting that it’s suicidal and the economy cannot survive like that.

Last week, Besigye’s attempts to protest were foiled in Kasangati when police stopped his car with barricades as he attempted to enter town from Kasangati.

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