Don’t Accept Gov’t Appointments When You Can’t Do The Job- Museveni

Don't Accept Gov't Appointments When You Can't Do The Job- Museveni

President Museveni has cautioned citizens to be honest about what they are not capable of doing so that they help the country save time and resources rather than accept appointments to positions and jobs they can not do.

President Museveni made the statements while officiating at the swearing-in ceremony of 11 new High Court Judges at State House on Thursday.

“You should not take shortcuts, they are very dangerous and destructive. Many of the young people in our time made mistakes and I saw them, I have been here long enough to see,” Museveni said.

Using the example of Idi Amin, President Museveni urged Ugandan officials to be honest enough and turn down jobs they are unable to do.

“Like Amin, he was not educated, he could neither read nor write, then he wasted our time that he was president. You wonder why did he have to accept, he could have told the truth that he can not do such a job. Imagine we now had to waste 8 years to remove him!” he added.

President Museveni congratulated the new Judges and advised them to be transparent if they want to sustain their career.

“This is a very good opportunity for you, the future is in front of you, don’t be tempted by any shortcuts because I have been watching people from the 1960s who made mistakes when they got power. Don’t contaminate your future, you have the opportunity, don’t spoil it,” the President said.

H.E Museveni also assured the Judiciary that their target to get enough manpower to ensure justice for all Ugandans will be achieved.

“The target is to get enough manpower in the Judiciary to cover the geography of the country so that somebody does not have to go and look for justice very far,” he stressed.

He however explained that the journey to increase the size of the Judiciary is linked to the process of recovery, growth and transformation of Uganda’s economy.

“What I have been explaining to everybody is that whatever the Government depends on the economy, and this is what I would like all citizens of Uganda to understand. The Judiciary must understand the political economy of the country so that we don’t keep arguing the way forward,” President Museveni noted.

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