China Pledges Funds To Build NRM Ideological School

China Pledges Funds To Build NRM Ideological School

In an exciting development, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) has unveiled plans to establish a party Ideological Orientation School in the country. This educational initiative has received some support from the Communist Party of China (CPC), signifying a momentous occasion in Sino-African relations.

The journey towards this visionary project began with a heartfelt appeal by Rt Hon. Richard Todwong, the NRM’s Secretary General, during a gathering in Beijing. This school represents the NRM’s unwavering commitment to shaping the minds of Uganda’s future leaders, instilling in them the fundamental principles of our movement.

Todwong passionately spoke about the significance of this school, stating, “This Ideological Orientation School will be the cornerstone of our party’s legacy, empowering our youth to lead with wisdom.”

Todwong emphasized that the Ideological Orientation School would serve as a guiding light for leaders deeply rooted in the party’s principles. He went on further to say that the endeavour is a proactive response to the challenges faced by African revolutionary parties, including high youth unemployment, an outdated education system, underutilized agricultural potential, and the exploitation of Africa’s natural resources.

“The school will mould the next generation of leaders, equipping them with a profound understanding of patriotism, pan-Africanism, democracy, and socio-economic transformation—the guiding values of the NRM,” Todwong added.

He further emphasized, “Our youth will emerge as torchbearers, ready to lead and innovate.”

The CPC’s unwavering support, exemplified by a substantial pledge of USD 100,000 towards the school’s construction, reflects the spirit of African unity and cooperation.

Todwong expressed his gratitude, saying, “We deeply appreciate the CPC’s unwavering support. This underscores the strong bond between our two parties.”

As plans for the Ideological Orientation School take shape, the NRM envisions a future where its members and leaders will be equipped with a profound understanding of the party’s values. This investment in ideological education aims to empower the youth and prepare them to meet Uganda’s future challenges and opportunities head-on.

The Ideological Orientation School stands as a symbol of enduring friendship between the NRM and the CPC, a testament to their shared journey toward African progress and prosperity.

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