Big Story! Security Arrest 7 Suspected Terrorists After Trailing Sheikh Nsubuga’s New Terror Cell In Butambala

Big Story! Security Arrest 7 Suspected Terrorists After Trailing Sheikh Nsubuga's New Terror Cell In Butambala

By Uganda Online Media

Kampala: Security has arrested seven suspected terrorists in a joint counter-terrorism operation conducted in Butambala, Mpigi District.

According to our intimate sources, among the suspects is a close relative of Sheikh Sulaiman Nsubuga, who is allegedly the top leader of the ADF terror group, which was responsible for last year’s  Kampala bomb attacks.

The Source further revealed that with increased security operations on ADF cells in Kampala and its suburbs, the terrorists decided to run to neighboring towns of Mpigi, Masaka, Mbale, and Mubende.

Security agents from counter-terrorism sectors have been closely been following the top collaborators responsible for recruiting, training, and later sending the young terrorists to DRC for radicalization.

The source added that Sheikh Nsubuga has been using his networks to identify vulnerable individuals and families to recruit from.

Last year Nsubuga’s associate Sheikh Mohammed Kirevu aka Abbas Kirevu was gunned down in Kyengera Town Council.

President Museveni has over time said Nsubuga is at the vanguard of recruiting terrorists in Uganda on behalf of ADF.

As security kept on trailing Sheikh Nsubuga, a few days his close relative was arrested.

In his confession, he said they had retreated to Butambala and were disguising their operations as builders.

At the time of the raid on Tuesday, the suspected terrorists were found building a mosque in Butambala, an area that is largely occupied by Muslims in central Uganda.

“Upon seeing security cars, these builders attempted to flee into the nearby jungle. But we managed to capture at least 7,” the source revealed

As security operatives made a search inside the mosque several items were discovered including maps, bomb-making equipment, training kits in the Arabic language.

The suspects revealed that Sheikh Nsubuga has been facilitating their training and the suspects were brought to Kampala as the hunt for Sheikh Nsubuga continues.

Last year, three people were killed and hundreds injured in Kampala capital city in two separate bomb attacks. Previously one person died after a bomb exploded at a bar in Komamboga and ADF later claimed responsibility.

In a bid to hunt down the terror groups, UPDF with DRC’s army kicked off offensive operations code-named ‘Operation Shujaa’ against the ADF based in Eastern Congo.

The operation which kicked off in November last year has so far registered tremendous achievements including capturing the alledged ADF Camps and their leaders.

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