Report To The New Party Headquarters Or Be Fired -Moses Kibalama Orders NUP MPS

By Uganda Online Media

Kampala: The National Unity Platform (NUP) faction led by Moses Kibalama Nkonge has ordered all NUP Members of Parliament to report themselves to the newly opened party headquarters or get fired from their positions.
In a press conference held on Tuesday,21st 2022,  Kibalama announced that Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine who has been the party president had been assigned new roles as a foreign affairs secretary while Rubongoya will now be research secretary.

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Kibalama however noted that should the two fail to report to new party offices in Ndeeba they will be fired from the party.

“And to the MPs and all other leaders elected on our party ticket, come and report to our offices as a sign of paying allegiance. Should you fail, we will inform authorities to remove you from your positions,” Kibalama said.

The conflicts in NUP began when top party leaders including the new Secretary General Gideon Tugume accused Bobi Wine of running the party as a family affair without giving accountability, lack of transparency, failing to respect the party constitution and failing to pen party structures among others.

“They have collected lots of money but have failed to offer accountability. We will auction their property if they have misused party money,” Tugume said.

According to Kibalama, they had an agreement with the Bobi Wine and since it elapsed the party went back into the hands of the original owners who have since convened a delegates conference where new leaders were elected.

“We made an agreement and thought they were a legitimate group but we found out People Power was not registered. We went into a partnership but found out it was a kiwani as they sing. We thought they would come to account to us to show how they have led the party after the elapse of one year in accordance with the agreement but this never happened,” Kibalama said.

He noted that when Kyagulanyi’s faction failed to reach out to them as allegedly indicated in the agreement, they decided to hold a delegates conference to get new leadership.

“After failing to come to us, we, therefore, held a delegates conference to decide on key issues . We, therefore, voted for new leadership in accordance with the law. Some were changed in positions like Kyagulanyi. He was not thrown away but made the  foreign secretary of NUP. He is capable of handling this position well as decided by the delegates conference. Rubongoya is now in charge of research,” Kibalama added.

“The new administrative leadership of the party as a result of the May 27, 2022 delegates conference is now mandated and charged with the day-to-day running of the party activities both here and outside the country.”

However, following the development, NUP spokesperson, Joel Ssenyonyi dismissed all the allegations noting that they will deal with Kibalama legally.

“We send a stern warning to these masqueraders, the full wrath of the law will be unleashed on them over their fraudulent tendencies,” Ssenyonyi said in a statement.

The group also accused the Kamwokya faction of lack of transparency, failure to respect the party constitution and failure to pen party structures among others.

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