Act Now Or We Mobilize Citizens To Protest: FDC Gives Gov’t Ultimatum To Address The Current Fuel Crisis

By Uganda Online Media

President Yoweri Museveni has appointed Maj Tom Magambo who has been in the Internal Security Organisations(ISO) as the new police Criminal Investigations Director.

“President Museveni has promoted Private Tom Magambo to the rank of Major and appointed him Director Criminal Investigations of the Uganda Police Force,” the acting UPDF spokesperson, Lt Col Ronald Kakurungu said in a statement.

Kampala: The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party has given government days to intervene and solve the current fuel crisis across the country or they will organize citizens to demonstrate should the situation fail to normalize by next week.

FDC party president, Patrick Oboi Amuriat made the comments while addressing journalists at the party head offices in Najjanakumbi on Monday Morning.

According to Amuriat, the escalating fuel prices have distorted people’s budgets and incomes and as the FDC party, they have to intervene and save citizens from this kind of extortion.

“This again is to warn the regime that if fuel prices do not normalize by end of this week, we will organize citizens to demonstrate starting next week,” Amuriat said.

Amuriat said that fuel prices have remained “prohibitive” for nearly a month now, with the price of petrol shooting from UGX 3800 to UGX 6000 a liter, and despite government promises, nothing much has been done since fuel stations have still maintained higher prices.

Amuriat further castigated the government saying this crisis is self-induced due to avoidable government mistakes and unsustainable Covid-19 measures.

“We told the country that Museveni and his agents are treating Covid-19 as a very big enterprise. Compulsory testing against people already tested elsewhere has been turned into a lucrative business. It is no longer done for health but for money,” Amuriat added.

Last week, Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja said that government efforts had yielded results and that the fuel prices would start to decline, adding that Ugandans should boycott fuel stations selling fuel above UGX 5000 because.

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